An organisation such as Nomads could not thrive and continue to do the good work it does without our sponsors. Contributing tremendously towards the success of the 12 clubs throughout the country are our national sponsors.

sabSAB Ltd – SAB Ltd, the South African brewing arm of the SAB Millar Group, although not commonly associated with golf, has been sponsor of Nomads since its inception in 1960. In the words of Antonio Rossetti, the company's National on Premise Group Accounts Manager, "The perfect putt matches the perfect pint, and at the end of the day, both combine to help those less fortunate than ourselves".

motusMOTUS Sponsorship

Imperial Auto has changed their group name to MOTUS.

The total sponsorship of Motus towards Nomads amounts to R900 000 annually! This sponsorship includes funds towards Junior FOG programs in club
regions, Golf RSA Junior Development, the SA Nomads National Tournament and the Motus Nomads Golf Challenge.

Please take a look at all the current vehicles that Imperial have on offer. 

taylormadeTaylorMade – TaylorMade, Nomads preferred brand golf equipment, recently renewed their sponsorship for another 5 years. Taylormade, amongst various other sponsorships continue to support our National Nomad Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund fundraising effort for those less fortunate by supplying prizes for the Andrew Mentis fundraising golf day.
tempestTempest Car Hire – Brand new to the stable of national sponsors Tempest Car Hire has, over and above prizes and cash contributions, come on board with fantastic rates to transport Nomads throughout the country enabling us the opportunity to carry on the good work more effectively.

Glenbrynth Scotch Whisky - The story of Glenbrynth Scotch Whisky is not one of those romantic tales of bearded and kilted Highlanders who handed down a legacy of distillation in a tucked away wooded glen far from   the prying eyes of excise men. There are no top-hatted, cane-carrying logos or royal warrants accompanying this brand. But that doesn’t mean that the whisky itself is not descended from a   historic line or that it does not have a legacy – because it does.

Glenbrynth is proud of the opportunity to associate our legacy with one so noble as Nomads and looks forward to many years toasting our mutual success.


EuropcarEuropcar - Whether it be for international business, for domestic pleasure, van rental or chaffeur driven services, Europcar has the solutions.

Europcar are proud to be involved in many worthwhile community related organisations and are proud to be able to now associate themselves with Nomads and the great work they do not only for golf, but for the communities around them. 

stella artois